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Up Rail Wall

Imagine your life without any of the obstacles you have had so far?  What would it be like? Easy like if you were playing Tony Hawk on entry level and boring like a Super Mario with a bug in the system?

In more recent times of wakeboarding obstacle elements are becoming integral part of cable parks around the world. At the time, there are all kinds of obstacles in many different shapes and sizes which opens up large number of different possibilities for experienced and entry level riders. With the various types of obstacles positioned at the cable park complexes, cable parks encourage the imagination of riders for a various number of air tricks, freestyle stunts and different kinds of spins.


The team of our designers, along with the riders and your inputs are able to design and build obstacles in different sizes and shapes. New forms of obstacles are carefully tested and optimized to meet the needs of the most experienced riders.

While being creative on the design of obstacles, our team of experts are closely monitoring every step of the manufacture, from the first sketch to final design. Built to meet the high international standards in manufacturing, obstacles which we design are completely made of polyethylene. Material of that kind is long lasting and durable, while at the same time it is safe on the environment. By keeping up the high standards in manufacturing, we are providing obstacles which are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, temperature and UV radiation. 

We believe that the path to perfection begins with the high-quality material, creative design and frequent testing of the final product. That is why we conduct in house testing for every obstacle built and commit to perform a secondary test in cooperation with the competent institutions all over the world.