Investors Corner

Investment in cablewake

Building a cable park can be difficult Often, people have a lot of ideas, many designs on their minds and a few things to decide at the very beginning. If you are planning to build a cable park and don´t know where your journey should begin, this is the place where you can inform yourself and ask as many questions you have.  

Wheather you plan to build a Full Size Cable Park or Two tower System, it is on us to accompany you trough every phase of your project: from the very design and choosing the right location, to buidling and launching your cable park live. 

Every project starts with the idea. If you have one, feel free to contact us via e-mail address in order to determinate what are your further steps in project development.  

When first contacting us concerning the cable park building we advise you to send us the location where you would like to settle your project. You can send us the location via Google maps GPS coordinates or we can arrange a meeting on the exact location where you are going to build your cable park. On spot, we can easily determine requirements for the future project of yours. 

Once we review the location, our team will design the cable park and prepare the required documentation. That way we will provide you an insight in the design of the cable park, total length of the cable railway, number of pillars and the reasons behind investing in more or less pillars.

When the agreement about the design, possible number of riders on cable way at the same time and the total length of the cable is achieved, we will provide you detailed offer which includes price for the design and building your cable park.  

Having in mind that wakeboarding is a lifestyle and not just a trend which is here to pass; we are passionate in cable wake building and wakeboarding. CWS and our team will accompany you on your wakepark journey from a very beginning to the final production and launch of the cable park.