Cable Wake Systems

We believe that imagination makes life more vibrant. The more ideas you have, your life becomes brighter so that you can hear more and think about everyday things from a different perspective. We in CableWake Systems are responsible for your imagination coming to life on watery surfaces - sea or lakes.

CWS is a Croatian company that provides full service in development of the cablepark projects worldwide. We are your guides through the project from the very idea to design and installation of the cable wake lifts for wakeboarding and water skiing.

More than ten years of experience in managing and maintenance of the wakeparks worldwide have taken us to a journey of development and design of our own product – wakeparks living up to international standards and newest technological achievements. That is why today our projects are recognized worldwide as one of the most successful in our filed of work.

Every project is a story living its own life and so is our approach to investors and their project ideas. We are guiding our clients and partners on a wakepark building journey from the very beginning: gathering the documentation, project planning, controlling and developing the precise design of their project.